Startup Nation by Sydney Moss

Cherry tomatoes. Waze. Netafim. Olo. What do these all have in common? They were all created in Israel. Israel is known for being the country with the newest technology and the most startups. Even through the confusing times during the current coronavirus, their hundreds of scientists continue to work. Israelis came up with the machine called Olo which is a quicker blood diagnostic test. This can speed up testing for coronavirus.  

Zeev Ben Shachar gave the Icnext group a guideline for what a startup company trajectory is. It starts with a problem that a person will have to identify and solve, which could be air pollution to even the refugee crisis. Once the problem is identified, a person or group of people must figure out if this is a reasonable problem that will make an impact or be profitable in their setting. After this analysis, the startup will find their overall goal and will begin to mobilize by making this project project or company larger. The difficult part for most people is how they will execute their goal, if they have enough resources, labor, or even materials. Finally, a majority of startups will fail. However with perseverance and maybe even a pivot from their original idea, they can still be working towards the same goal.